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Volume 28, Number 9, November 2000
Endocrine disruptors
Page(s) 835 - 842
Section Original articles
Analusis 28, 835-842 (2000)
DOI: 10.1051/analusis:2000152

Stability of herbicides and their degradation products on graphitized carbon black extraction cartridges used for large volumes of surface water

H. Sabik1, R. Jeannot2 and E. Sauvard2

1  St. Lawrence Centre, Environment Canada, 105 McGill Street, 7th Floor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2E7
2  BRGM, Service Minier National, Analyse, B.P. 6009, 45060 Orleans Cedex 02, France

(Received July 27, 2000; revised October 31, 2000; accepted November 8, 2000.)

The stability of 18 herbicides (ten organonitrogens and eight phenylureas, including four degradation products), selected for the frequency of their detection in the environment, was evaluated under a variety of storage conditions. Large volumes of surface water (4 L) were extracted using large-particle-size graphitized carbon black cartridges (Carbopack B 60-80 mesh). The effects of temperature, matrix type, drying and solvent-washing of cartridges on the recovery of these contaminants, after different storage periods, were studied and compared to the conservation of surface water in bottles. After two months, there was no significant difference between the conserved surface water and the stored cartridges for the selected compounds. Cartridges kept at -20 °C were better than those stored at 4 °C and 20 °C. The type of matrix water selected, in this case St. Lawrence surface water, appears to have a minor effect on the recovery of the target pesticides after cartridge storage. No improvement was observed in the recovery of any of the chemicals when the cartridges were dried or washed and stored in a solvent. After immediate surface-water extraction, the most practical storage condition for the target herbicides was found to be storage on cartridges in the dark at - 20 °C, with no solvent drying or washing of the Carbopack B material.

Key words: Herbicides -- degradation products -- water analysis -- stability -- environmental analysis -- solid-phase extraction -- Carbopack B.

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