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Volume 28, Number 5, June 2000
Page(s) 426 - 431
Section Original articles
Analusis 28, 426-431 (2000)
DOI: 10.1051/analusis:2000128

Rapid on-line sampler-injector: a reliable tool for HT-HP sampling and on-line GC analysis

P. Guilbot, A. Valtz, H. Legendre and D. Richon

Laboratoire de Thermodynamique CEREP-TEP, Armines - École des mines, 35, rue Saint Honoré, 77305 Fontainebleau, France

(Received March 9, 2000; revised May 29, 2000; accepted May 30, 2000.)

Withdrawing of representative and reliable microsamples down to 1/100th mg is far from trivial, especially for extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure conditions or very corrosive media. The new Rapid On-Line Sampler-Injector presented herein was designed and set-up to largely extend sampling capabilities in hazardous media. It is largely used in our laboratory to measure vapour-liquid equilibria. It has a lot of applications, both in production (process control in petroleum, chemical, nuclear plants, etc.) and academic and industrial researches and development (laboratory instruments, pilot plants...).

Key words: Sampler -- fluid injector -- high pressures -- high temperatures -- chromatography -- on-line analysis

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