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Volume 28, Number 3, April 2000
Page(s) 228 - 232
Section Original articles
Analusis 28, 228-232 (2000)
DOI: 10.1051/analusis:2000114

Monitoring of radical thermocatalyzed breakdown of polychlorinated compounds

A. Bacaloni1, F. Benvenuti2, R. Curini1, A. Gentili1 and S. Materazzi1

1  Dept. of Chemistry, University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy
2  I.S.P.E.S.L., Rome, Italy

(Received September 20, 1999; revised March 2, 2000; accepted March 8, 2000.)

Disposal of polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) is a current problem still far from a really satisfactory solution. Because of the wide use and the chemical inactivity, the PCB amount to be treated is considerably large. In this paper, the setting-up of a methodical catalytic pyrolysis of polychlorinated compounds is proposed. The monitoring of the final decomposition products by analytical techniques, such as GC and coupled TG-FTIR, allowed to optimize the reaction temperature: the encouraging results, the lower operative temperatures with respect to previous systems and the favourable prospects regarding the environmental impact make this methodology open to practical applications at a relative low cost.

Key words: Thermocatalyzed breakdown -- polychlorinated compounds -- radical oxidation.

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